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Leading and inspiring my community to a healthy and happy new style of life!




Welcome to Zumba in Brisbane with with Katia.

I am Katia Morr, a Zumba® Fitness Instructor ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) Member, from Perú (South America) You also can find me on Katia Morrison Zumba website . Thanks for stopping by to my website. I love helping and leading people to a healthier, shape, lifestyle through the dance that is fun, energetic, thorough a instruction for all levels and ages.

follow link ”Summer is here our  (booty pumping routines), core (vertical core movements obliques) burst (high intensity massive calorie burn packed into a short workout) are waiting for you, just dancing and of course laughing louder !   

The Zumbalatia website was created to provide a great workout through a Zumba party. see url MONDAYS and THURSDAYS  (Camp Hill School OF Arts, 676 Old Cleveland Road Camp Hill)  
can you buy Lyrica over the counter ”Zumba transforms your body to be healthier, your mind to be happier and positive and our society where we share our happiness and understand each other better to build a great community” 
Zumbalatia also provides healthy recipes that will help your development to a healthier life!

Interested in exploring various dance styles in a 1 hour Zumba class, you will benefit by: Burning between 500 to 900 calories and improving cardiovascular fitness, a great dynamic core workout that will reshape all parts of your body, authentic and original Latin rhythms, 100% energetic and fun class shimmying, shaking, sweating, screaming, improving stress relief, weight loss, feeling the music and learning new vocabulary, meeting new friends (the zumberas(ros)) a group of cheerful and energetic lovely ladies and gentleman who love zumba like you. Don’t forget the most important Zumba has the power of make you happy since the beginning and remember ”if you are happy everyone surrounding you will become happy too” so finish your party so happy feeling ”Grandiosa(o)” and ready to take the world

New culture, a new healthy life style that will keep you buzzing, smiling and happy for hours later. Come to class Gorgeous !!

I’d love to be part of your healthy, happy and fitness journey!
Come to my Zumba classes, bring your friends, partner, kids everyone is welcome to this party atmosphere, come on WORK YOUR BODY, WORK YOUR HIPS ZUMBERA!!!

Always working for my community, let’s build together a great and healthier society in our Brisbane through the international language the dance that joins people of all ages, spread the joy!