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enter site Summer Food ! Ingredients  1 Whole wheat tortilla  2 tbs home made hummus  1 medium kale or chard leaf  1/2 fresh green chilli pepper diced into small pieces  sliced cucumber  sliced tomato  shredded carrot  1/4 avocado  1 tbs all natural salsa verde  unhulled sesame seeds  Pepper Preparation Lay out tortilla on a flat surface. Spread […]

Delicious Summer Salad !

Your fresh summer salad is here for one, two, three, lunch served.   1/2  small watermelon 150 g  feta, diced 1/2  cup mint leaves (or basil) Remove the rind and seeds from the watermelon, slice it into chunks and place them in a salad bowl. Toss in the feta and mints leaves, give it a […]