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When I order my skinny latte the first sip its always the best but I have to be honest its always hot. Well now before you order that hot coffee, soy latte, skinny latte you might want to listen up : The Word Health Organisation says drinking hot drinks may be bad for your health. After analysing researches concluded that when bevvies  such as tea or coffee are served at 65C degrees Celsius and over double the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus.

Sip your tea and coffee at a lower temperature and that risk disappears, however the panel found there was no evidence that coffee or tea causes cancer in fact the coffee itself can lower your chances of developing some cancers (such as liver or uterine). So order your second one, but when your order your coffee you should always be left for a few minutes to lower the temperature, or cooled down while chatting with your ladies.