http://dreamingoutloud.nl/?p=4068 Hi my name is Natalia, I’m a Latin girl who loves music and dance, that’s why I was in the search for the best Zumba class in Brisbane. I was very fortunate I found Zumbalatia with Katia Morrison, she is everything you would want for in a trainer and so much more. Katia’s class lets us experience the real Latin rhythms, the energy and the moves of everyone in the room. The steps are so easy to follow and the routines change constantly allowing us to learn and have fun. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and I was able to keep dancing until week 34 using low impact movements!!! Highly recommended for those who are in search of a fun way to burn calories!!!

     – Natalia M

Katias Zumba classes are a perfect mix of hot latino dancing and fitness a great range of music. I don’t even feel like I am working out because I’m having so much fun and feeling fabulous it’s more like a dance party. I never get board like I do doing a gym workout or circuit because Zumba is always exciting with new songs and moves plus I get even better results! Katias energy and enthusiasm is contagious, the vibe in class is amazing, I always leave with the biggest smile on my face. I’ve become so much fitter healthier and happier since starting Zumba with Katia it has really change my whole perspective on exercise, it can be fun !

– Jade Perry

Zumba has been fabulous for me. After three months of Zumba I could fit back into trousers I had not worn since 2009. Thank you Katia for the fun and results : )

– Margie G

Katia is brilliant, the class is full of of high energy and great rhythms. She is an amazing dancer and instructor, Katia takes the time to demonstrate proper Salsa and Latino moves. Her bubbly personality, patience and positivity gets you through days when you are tired and leaves you bursting with energy !

– Kelly C

I love zumba with Katia it is really fun, easy to follow and not pressure to be good just listen to your body, I love the combination of all rhythms its a great mixture. I follow Katia at Curves, PCYC, Fitness4173 wherever she goes because I am loosing weight, feeling fitter, I can listen to the radio when I’m driving and I can do my zumba moves its fantastic, the community its amazing too the girls are so friendly. Katia inspired me to stick to being healthy for the rest of the week. I recommend it to everyone who wants to be fit and healthy !

 – Nicole Simpson

I’ve been going to zumba classes with Katia Zumbalatia for about 3 years now through Curves at Carina. I just love it!  Wonderful music, fun dance moves and a great instructor- while you work off all those calories!  Now that zumba classes are being held at Carindale PCYC there’s more opportunity to join in the fun.  No-one feels judged, or self-conscious – everyone learns together, what a great way to keep fit and learn a little more about another Latin dance and music

– Amanda Sh


I just love zumba classes with Katia. It was really hard for me to do any kind of exercise until I started to do zumba with Katia. First at Curves, then Fernwood and now at PCYC, which is really well located and has lots of different times through the week. Their classes make me feel motivated and she also encourages us to have a healthy and balanced life. What I really like from her class it is that she is always trying new songs and different rhythms from all around the world.  Thanks Katia for giving us some happy and fun times !!!

– Valeria Greenfield

I love going to the Zumbalatia classes. Beside being fantastic exercise, it’s great fun. You listen to great music from different countries, you learn to move your body in a whole new way and you get to meet new people. After a few classes you get to know the choreography and Katia is happy to help you if you find something difficult. The zumba dances are fun and full of energy, and after a class you leave feeling healthy and very refreshed.

– Lea Bay-Petersen

 After my first Zumba class with Katia I was hooked! I got a group of girlfriends together and we all had heaps of fun shakin’ our booties and got a good workout at the same time! Katia is full of energy and a real inspiration. I look forward to my Zumba class each week as my fitness levels improve and I continue to learn different fun routines.

– Jess, Massage Therapist


Doing Zumba with Katia is the most enjoyable type of physical exercise I have come across. And I have tried a few over time but sooner or later I got tired of them, bored. When I started doing Zumbalatia 18 months ago my goals were to lose some weight and keep it off and to stay fit and flexible. Katia’s classes have helped me achieve all of these plus a lot more: authentic Latin rhythms, a variety of dance styles, a never-ending array of new and fun routines. Even when I arrive stressed and tired to Katia’s session, I leave relaxed and energized. Although we burn 900 calories during the hour session, it does not feel like a hard slog but a fun workout with new friends. I have even polished up on my Spanish!

– Caroline N, Teacher


Zumba with Katia is so much fun!  Katia has natural rhythm and her passion for dance is infectious.  You enjoy her class so much that you forget you are working out.  I love the music, you can feel the beat.  I’ve never done salsa before but Katia teaches people to dance with their hips and their hearts.  The day after Zumba class, I feel more flexible and relaxed, Zumba gets everything moving.  I would recommend Katia’s Zumbalatia class to people who love music, want to have fun and improve their fitness and wellbeing”.

– Sharyn Bell


When I started Zumba, I stood in the back and felt ridiculous. I think most people do. It was so hard and I was running into people and feeling like the most unco-ordinated person. I soon learnt not to take myself too seriously and not to worry if I didn’t get the steps first time round. No one does! After a few classes you will get the hang of it.

No dance experience or skills are necessary, you just need to be able to stand and shake your hips. The music is great and soon you will be singing along to the songs (in all different languages). Zumbalatia doesn’t feel like you are working out, you just get caught up in the music and before you know it you have worked off heaps of calories. There are people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I’ve made a lot of new friends and can’t wait to see them each time. Zumbalatia is not about being the best dancer or how good you look, it’s about how it makes you feel!! Which is happy and great!!

– Liza, Insurance Broker


Katia is a great instructor and really does make exercise fun! She’s so friendly, full of energy and enthusiasm.  Every class is a party with fantastic music and routines. Love how she includes different kind of music as salsa, merengue, reggae, bachata, reggae in her choreographies. She always brings update songs which make me expect something new every class. Currently, that I am taking classes with Zumbalatia, I feel happier, less stress and lighter. Highly recommended.

– Sandra Valenzuela

Why do I love zumba with katia, the great music, great dance moves, great work-out, great teacher, great fun, I thoroughly recommend it – try it – you will love it too !!

– Marie H

Doing a zumba class with Katia is so much fun. She makes exercising feel like a party. You can go at your own pace and no one judges you. She does it with you and is so easy to follow. Its so enjoyable its hard to believe its doing you good. You come away feeling so happy that you have achieved  your cardio workout as well as learning fantastic dance moves. One class and you will be addicted !

-Cherie K

No way, Zumbalatia in the neighborhood?! Words can’t express my happiness. Seriously, if you haven’t taken a Zumba class yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. This is the best cardio workout out there.  And now  that Zumbalatia is around, you have no excuse NOT to try it. Rhythm or not, you will be hooked! (And if you’re someone without rhythm, no worries – I bet you will improve with these moves!) Every class is full of  energy and great vibe. Go girl see you next week.

– Tita Brennan